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Created with women in mind, this blend of red raspberry leaf, dong quai, chamomile, lavender, and flaxseed promote reproductive health. This original formula is not for expecting mothers. Please select the appropriate variation if you are expecting. Dong quai is replaced with fenugreek. This product comes with 10 or 15 tea bags.


Útero for women that are not pregnant (or are trying): It is best to take a week prior to your cycle to assist with cramp relief, mood balancing, and PMS symptoms. Many ingredients also assist in fibroid reduction and overall reproductive health not limited to strengthening of the uterine walls.


Útero for expecting mothers: This blend will support a healthy womb, assist in lactation, strengthen uterine walls, decrease labor time, help prevent nausea, and balance mood.

  • How to Prepare

    When brewing this tea, be mindful of the whole flaxseeds. Steep in hot water for at least 3-4 minutes.

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