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Healthy Looks Like YOU

Our Philosophy and Story

Here's your reason to drink more tea.

Simply put - you deserve access to the good and healthy things in life. You deserve a brand that is designed with mental and physical wellness in mind, for people that live and pursue any lifestyle. That's why we developed staple organic products that do exactly what they're supposed to. 

Herbal Tea
A photo of Phoenix Blends container in a tropical setting.

Phoenix Blends

While the Phoenix is a familiar mythical icon, it is said to be inspired by the African Bennu, representing rebirth. Our name was developed after seeing our culture left out of the mainstream conversation around herbalism (the knowledge of herbs) and tea. The word Phoenix provides a familiar link (because let's be real, you've probably never heard of a Bennu before now) to represent your old self being reborn into your best self.


Phoenix Blends is our way of helping people maintain or pursue who they want to be and how they want to live, and Phoenix Blends was created to be a supporting element. There are no boxes to place you in.


Healthy looks like YOU.

A Personal Rebirth

I grew up with 3 of my grandparents, and all of them drank tea. I loved drinking tea with them, and it's the only experience I can say that I've had with them all.


I learned to value what I put into my body at an early age. I don't even remember getting sick as a kid. And as I got older, I lost that lesson, but eventually began to want better for myself. 

I knew tea would be my starting point, but no one selling tea looked like me, and if they did, they certainly didn't live or promote the city-slicking lifestyle and semi-healthy diet I refused to give up.

A mixed media image of the founder's grandparents. Two women and one man in the center.
A mixed media image of the founder, Shaina Walker.

While I built a successful career, I began to suffer mentally and physically from overworking. The industry still didn't cater to my lifestyle, so I created Phoenix Blends.

Phoenix Blends was my answer to being healthy in my own way. I spent years -- researching and developing, talking to herbalists and elders, tasting and testing -- in order to develop something that could not only improve mental and physical health, but also prove that healthy habits could compliment any life people designed for themselves.

I hope that you enjoy this tea and your new journey as much as I did when I decided to start my own.



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